Cape Town has become a hotspot for Yogis with it's pristine beaches and unparalleled views. The mother city offers unconventional and adventurous opportunities to participate in the ancient practice. So get our your yoga matt and get ready to re-center yourself with 2018 around the corner. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your down(-ward dog) time. Tip 1: Breathing The secret to health is the breath. The next time you have a few minutes before you rush out for the day, try the Sheetali Pranayama (Cooling Breath exercise) 1. Stick your tongue out and curl the sides of the tongue upward towards the center of the tongue. 2. Breathe in through the mouth, hold the breath and slowly exhale thro


Whether you want to ring in the new year with a BANG or POW, the mother city has you covered. Here are the 7 most noteworthy events you can attend to kick of 2018 in style! 1.V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre Concert and Fireworks For years crowds have swarmed to the Waterfront for their breathtaking fireworks shows. And with the banning of fireworks in many areas this might be one of the few places you can still see the magic happen. With live bands and thematic activity zones (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) it's hard to believe this event is FREE! The red-hot passion of fire will greet visitors at the Alfred Mall, as trees and surrounds sizzle with warm, vibrant colours, live bands, circus performanc

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