Top Places to Watch the World Cup in Cape Town

World Cup fever has once again gripped the world, and with it, comes a warm resonance of 2010, when we wowed the world with our pride. So, while you are scrambling to pick a team, a winning side, man of the match, or even guess the outcome, the beers will keep flowing. These 31 days of soccer fever mean one thing for us Cape Tonians. Facing the cold, rainy outdoors (urgh right?) and heading out to catch some of the matches in some of the buzzy bars in and around town. Whether it is an after work beer at a bar close to you, or a pub lunch Saturday that ends up in both games, dinner and an Uber home (it happens!), we have the list for you. For me personally, a old school pub and few draughts o

Johnny Van Zyl: Artist on the block

We spoke to a very talented upcoming Artist Johnny Van Zyl who is a painter for several years and his new style of work is making waves with exhibitions and listings around Cape Town. Let's check what he has to say to us: Q: What has been your top 3 learning as an Artist in Cape Town? A: I’ve learned that: My personal style isn’t everyone’s taste. If I want to sell my art, I often have to be commercial rather than unique. Always get a deposit up front, before starting a commissioned art piece (learned that the hard way). It’s challenging to make a living from being a full-time artist. Q: When is your next big Showcase? What would you like to tell your fans for visiting? A: My art has been on

Soldier (Band): Painting the town Red!

We first saw the band last year at their EP Launch and took an instant liking to their music. So we decided to speak to Damian Jagjivan from Soldier (Band) to know about the band, scene in Cape Town and their experiences in the Mothercity! Q: What has been your top 3 learning as a Band in Cape Town? A: Staying true to your own brand is important. But also it’s important to realise that playing in a band is also about being entertaining, honest and humble for your audience. For a band to work it requires communication and fairness all round, to be creative everybody needs to be heard. Q: When is your next big Gig? A: What would you like to tell your fans for visiting? Our next gig will be at

The Social Club at 4040: Be Seen in Cape Town

It’s a well known fact; Cape Town loves its glam! We love our social events, flowing bubbles and high fashion trends. This is why, when we heard about the brand new exclusive Social Club that has hit the Cape Town scene, we simply had to be a part of it! Running every Wednesday night in 4040, Cape Town’s upmarket nightclub just off Long Street, the Social Club is the new place to see and be seen during the week. It is a unique concept that brings together the creatives of Cape Town. The movers and shakers in fashion, arts and music have a place to rub shoulders, mingle and share ideas around their industry in the heart of the Mother City. Situated in the center of town, 4040 offers the ultim

One Man Comedy Show Extravaganza

If comedy is down your alley, then this one is certainly for you. If not, well, I am pretty sure that we can convert you! As we have previously mentioned, the comedy scene is alive and doing very well in Cape Town. The scene is currently exploding with new and up and coming comedians as well as the the familiar faces making appearances every night at one or more venues around the city. Whatever your flavour is, I’m pretty sure we can find something for you! Most bills have three or more comedians taking to the stage to show off their materials, and trust me, most of them are downright hilarious. And now, we have a show with a difference! The One Man Comedy Show Extravaganza will be kicking o

Clink: Cape Town’s Latest Reason to Raise A Toast!

I must admit, I am not usually the kind of person to download every app that comes my way, but when I heard about this particular app, it was installed almost immediately. The concept is simple: download the app, pay a subscription fee of R90 per month and get one free drink everyday at one of your favourite establishments. That means, you are actually paying R3 a day for a drink at some of the most exclusive venues in town. With everything seeming to go up this year, from petrol to food to even our VAT, we can really do with getting a free drink, can’t we? We worked it out. Say you have three drinks a week. Should each drink be an average of R45, that means you would be paying R540 a month

5 Things You Need To Check Out On June First Thursday

First Thursday is just around the corner, and Cape Tonians will be braving the chill of the June evening to celebrate this monthly affair. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the cold will be keeping the locals at bay; in fact, it is even more excuse to keep the parties going in all of the spots around town. We thought we would take a look at what you should be checking out this Thursday in and around town to keep the blood pumping through your veins. So, bundle up, grab a glass of vino and join us for the next installment of First Thursday Cape Town style! First Thursday at House of Machine The concept is plain and simple this month: rock up and rock out! The local vibey venue will once agai

Rockwell Dinner Theater

If you have lived in Cape Town for the last five plus years, I am sure that you would have noticed the disappearance of the beloved dinner theater in Sea Point called Richards. I, for one, was bitterly disappointed when I drove past to see the building being taken down. So it was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across the Rockwell Dinner Theater, only to find out that it is the old Richards show. So, wrapped in warm nostalgia, we headed to the Rockwell on a cold Saturday night to take part in the Kaapse Stories dinner show. The Venue The Theater is situated at the entrance of the glamorous Rockwell hotel and the theater itself is a cozy, intimate space. The venue has been tastefully deco

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