TAU: The Latest Exclusive Clubbing Scene in Cape Town

There is a brand new club in town, and it embodies everything that the Cape Town clubbing scene used to be a few years back. I certainly have not been to something similar in a while, so it was absolutely refreshing to walk into this venue and be swept up in the glamour that the club exudes.

Situated right next to Crew Bar on the outskirts of town, the venue has obviously made sure that it has set itself apart from other venues in town, starting with its location. If you are wondering though, no, it is not a gay club like its neighbour right next door.

The full experience is very personal and intimate from the minute you walk in. The staff are hospitable, welcoming and strive to make sure that your entire evening is personalized and decadent. I noticed that the hostess paid personal attention to everyone who walked into the club, ensuring that they were looked after, their drinks were topped up and that they were comfortable.

The decor is modern and chic. The bare brick walls and wooden floors are the basis of the palate whereupon the rest of the ambiance is developed around. There are several comfort areas, to sit back and sip on a cocktail concocted by the highly talented bar staff. The couches and seating is plushy, comfortable and opulent. The whole venue holds somewhat of a luxurious Moroccan feel and this is drawn out throughout the whole club with key signature pieces to feast your eyes on.

I simply loved the various bits of attention to detail. From the incense scattered around the club, creating a sensory journey; to the security placed just outside of the bathrooms to curb any lurkers trying to follow you to the bathroom, it seems like everything has been thought of.

There are two smoking areas, an outdoor area, beautiful bathrooms, and a spacious dance floor. Every part of the club holds something beautiful to look at, and you will find yourself wandering from one area to another to see what the room features. The lighting is well thought out and creates a definite ambiance for each area. And we certainly cannot complain about the sound!

TAU is certainly establishing itself as the go-to place for some of the best electronic music in the city. The music is deep, dirty and oh-so-good! Certainly not something you are going to find often in Cape Town at the moment. The lineups are continually being updated with some of the top local and international electronic DJs at the moment just to keep things fresh and moving. Past line-ups have included the likes of Juliet Fox from Germany, Onyvaa from France and Stero Express from Germany. You know that you are going to be in some good electronic hands on the dance floor.

Entrance is R80 before 11pm, and R100 thereafter so it certainly won’t break the bank, but you do know that you will be enjoying an exclusive experience with some of the trendiest people in the city.

We are simply thrilled to have a venue like TAU back in Cape Town to bring some elements of class and elegance back into the night life. It is something that has certainly been lacking in the electronic scene lately, and we will certainly be finding our way back on most weekend evenings to hit the dancefloor into the early morning.

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