Top Places to Watch Comedy in Cape Town

From the Monday blues, to the midweek hump, to those last few kicks of the weekend hours, we all know that the working week can get a person quite down. Luckily, there are spots all around the City that can brighten up your week any time you feel like the world is getting a bit too dark.

So, why not step out and lighten up your week with some stand-up comedy? We took a look at the various places in Cape Town that you can go for that little bit of relief that you might need. Whether it be entry level comedians, who are bright eyed and bushy tailed, or long established names that have rocked the comedy world, there is something for everyone.

Comedy Night at Nomad

Nomad, tucked in the center of town is the hub of the nightlife during the week as well as the weekend. The Bistro opens up onto the bricked pedestrian pathway in front of the restaurant for it to open up as the evening settles in for patrons to spill out onto the walkway. The venue is known for its Bottomless Rib specials, Salsa Sundays, Live music evenings, and of course, the comedy!

And oh boy, is the comedy worth it! Hosted on Monday and Tuesday nights, the bistro is usually packed out with revellers looking to shake off a busy Monday with by being treated to some of the funniest people in town! The evenings are hosted by different comedians each time, and you can expect the line-up to change regularly. But you certainly shall not be disappointed by the sheer talent that takes to the stage.

Local as well as international names have graced the stage at Nomad, and on ay given night, you can see the likes of Long John, Ismail Moses, Mira, Angel Blythe Camphey and Pius Xulu. To warm your week up even further, you can expect some great drink and food specials to go with it! So don’t miss out!

Day: Mondays and Tuesdays

Venue: Nomad Bistro and Bar

Time: 8pm

Cost: R50

Blue Whistle: One For The Road

One For The Road, which was previously hosted at Roxys in Woodstock has recently relocated the suburban streets of Claremont. Tuesday nights now sees the show running at The Blue Whistle and you can expect everything that used to go down at Roxys.

One For The Road is a concept created for the poor souls trapped in the streams of traffic to step out, grab a beer and listen to some comedy and music. Tickets are only R50 and include one beer, so you will still be under the legal limit, once you get back into your car and head home on traffic free roads.

Ismail Moses hosts the weekly gathering and introduces both new as well as familiar comedians to the stage. You can also expect some live music, with resident artist, Tremendous in Bloom, as well as various new and up and coming artists performing.

Day: Tuesday

Venue: The Blue Whistle Claremont

Time: 5pm

Cost: R50

Comedy Night at The Mash Tun

This is certainly one of our favourite hidden gems in Cape Town. Tucked into Woodstock, you could be forgiven for not spotting this place immediately. But once you have, you will never forget it. The menu offers delicious burgers and ribs, the beer is cold and the space is welcoming and eclectic. The venue has a comforting, rustic feel and you simply feel at home with the great staff, laid back decor and warm environment.

Comedy runs on Wednesday and you can expect an intimate show with a great lineup of new and up and coming comedians, as well as some good old familiar favourites. Hosted by Kurt Langeveld, the comedy kicks off at around 7pm. Booking is essential here and R300 will get you and a partner entry, a delicious burger and a choice of either wine or beer.

Once again, you can expect a variety of new comedians, familiar faces and just some good decent belly laughs. We loved how the audience were able to interact with the comedians and everyone is made to feel at home with the pure genuineness of the evening.

Day: Wednesday

Time: 7pm

Cost: R300

Venue: The Mash Tun

Obviouzly Armchair Comedy Nights

Armchair is certainly part of the furniture in the Obs scene. Armchair comedy started way back in 1999 with Mark Sampson and the Cape Comedy Collective which produced the likes of Riaad Moosa, Loyiso Gola, Nik Rabinowitz, Marc Lottering, Stuart Taylor, Mel Jones, Kurt Schoonraad, Conrad Koch and many more of the core of South African comedy.

There are three days worth of comedy hosted at Armchair; Sundays, Mondays and of course, Wednesday! Hump day certainly seems to be the night to shake off those week blues! If you are lurking around the streets if Observatory, make a turn in at Obviouzly Armchair for their open mic comedy night! Hey, if you fancy yourself an up and coming comedian, here is your chance to flex your comedy muscles on stage. You never know, you might find your new calling!

Mondays sees Improv Comedy that sees improvisers from Cape Town and abroad together to create pure, spontaneous theatre. This is then followed by a jam session, so you will be getting your absolute money’s worth. Sundays sees a collection of new and experienced comics hitting the stage to keep those monday blues at bay!


Monday: Improv Comedy

Wednesday: Open Mic

Sundays: Stand Up Comedy


Monday: R50

Wednesdays 9pm R30

Sundays 8:30pm R40

Venue: Obviouzly Armchair

#ThursdayComedyNight at Leo Bar And Lounge

Kloof Street is the new Long Street in terms of the buzz and good vibes in the Cape Town CBD. With this in mind, the organisers teamed up with Leo Bar And Lounge to kick off Thursday night comedy from the end of April 2018.

The show is hosted by Pius Xulu, comedy veteran in Cape Town, and you can expect a long list of experienced comedians to take to the stage. Names like Long John, Joe Emilio and Altaaf Sayed have been booked for the very first show, so we are looking forward to what the event has in store for the next shows!

Day: Thursdays

Time: 8pm

Cost: R60 for one person and R100 for two

Venue: Leo Bar and Lounge

#FridayComedyNights at Ukhambabeerworx

This event has been running every last Friday of the month since January 2018. The venue is craft beer brewery that sells their beer, a selection of ciders, spirits and soul food at The Palms in Woodstock.

The event has, since its debut, exploded in popularity and the organisers have decided to run the event every Friday of the week starting from Friday the 4th of May 2018.

This means two things for comedy in Cape Town, more time for comedians on stage and more shows for you to go and watch for a good evening out. Luckily for you, some of the most well respected names in comedy are being booked at Ukhambabeerworx, so soon, you can have your pick of a Friday night to have a few laughs with your friends.

Day: Friday

Time: 8pm

Cost: R60 for one person and R100 for two

Venue: Ukhambabeerworx, The Palms

Gags in Gugs

Comedy is heading out of town on Thursday night, for the first time, to Gugulethu. It is the brainchild of the hilarious Mira (aka #QueenofKasiComedy) who also hosts the nights. Not only will you be getting a good dose of comedy for the night, but you will also be treated to some open mic poetry and space jam.

The evenings will be filled with various comics coming from all over Cape Town to join in the festivities. The theme for the evenings are “Freedom of Speech” and you can expect nothing less from Mira, who holds no punches when she steps up onto the stage.

Day: Thursday

Time: 8pm

Cost: R60 for one person and R100 for two

Venue: Shop 2 Steve Biko Drive Gugulethu

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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