Café Blouberg: Beachside Breakfast Bliss

If anything, weekends are made for brunches, sea views, your favourite bottle of wine and some downtime. Luckily, we have found the spot that encompasses all of this. Café Blouberg is perched on the seaside road, overlooking the spectacular bay, with Table Mountain rising up over the water.

Stadler Road hugs the Blouberg coast and is home to some of the most beloved restaurants in the area. And what is not to love? The quiet, idyllic beaches, fresh sea breeze and, of course, the resonating feeling that you have found home. And Café Blouberg fits into this neighbourhood perfectly. As soon as you walk into this seaside eatery, you feel as if you have stepped into a home away from home.


Café Blouberg is everything you want in a brunch spot. It has a gorgeous West Coast fishermans cottage feel to it. The tiled floors, blue and white features, bared walls and carefully thought out decor gives you a feeling of rustic relaxation. It’s quaint and simplistic elegance instills a sense of calm as soon as you walk through the white painted doors.

You can choose to sit inside or out, depending on the weather. If you choose to enjoy the outdoor seating, you will be spending your entire meal basking in the glorious views of Cape Town. The seating inside is equally as delightful. It’s cozy ambiance, with well thought-out detail in the decor add to the homely feeling of the restaurant. You will love sitting near the fireplace on a rainy Saturday, or sit in the “sun room” enjoying the outdoor views while still being out of the renowned West Coast wind. The full experience is completed with some of your favourite old classic hits singing out from the speakers. I found myself stopping at least three conversations to sing the choruses to Streisand, Phil Collins and The Bangles.


The service is friendly, efficient and quick. Most of the menu is prepared fresh, so, as you sip on your cappuccino, or wine (depending on the time of the day), you will know that your order is being whipped up in the kitchen.

We were greeted by three knowledgeable and very friendly ladies when we arrived. The passion for this brunch spot is visible as soon as you walk in. We were offered advice and recommendations on what to choose from the menu, told about the favourite dishes on the menu and ushered to a different table as soon as we asked for some sun. Nothing was an issue and were we even told how much we were missing out when we had to turn down dessert!


The restaurant is fully licensed and offers everything you could be looking for. There is a great selection of wines and bubbles (including Boschendal, Leopards Leap and Pongratz), beers and cold drinks. Naturally, there is a selection of hot beverages; coffees, teas and the Café Blouberg Hot Chocolate which is served with cream, marshmallows and flake.

What really caught our attention was the milkshake selection. What they call “Freak Shakes” includes shakes like the Oreo choc crunch,Caramel popcorn explosion and the Marshmallow Pink Candy bomb. Who could say no to that?


Well, after you have made your way through the meal, we HAD to say no to the shakes and dessert. To say that the portions are generous is an understatement. I was taken aback by the size of the portion that was placed in front of me. Café Blouberg certainly ensures that you get absolute value for money! The quality of the dishes are simply outstanding, and I can confidently say that I will be stopping by repeatedly to try everything on the menu!

We were recommended the The Pork Belly on Toasted Ciabatta as well as The Turk. The pulled pork was delicious and zesty with the sweetness of the peach chutney coming through. It is served with baby spinach, avocado and crispy onion rings to give it a certain crunch! The Turk is something that my dreams are made of. But then again, I am a total Mediterranean food fiend! The flat bread is soft, crispy and garlicy. It is packed with spicy (but not too overpowering) chicken breast, Halloumi, tomato, rocket, pickled cucumber, guacamole and is smeared in creamy garlic and onion dressing. It is a must-try on the menu!

What we didn’t try, but will absolutely HAVE to go back for is the firm favourite among the Blouberg regulars. The Chicken Cheesecake. It is a baked savoury cheesecake which is light and airy, baked to absolute perfection. Not only is it absolutely beautiful to look at, but it tastes so good that the first batch sells out every single day before 10am. Why do brunch anywhere else?

And did we mention, Café Blouberg serves all day breakfast?

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TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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