Beerhouse: 99 Bottles of Beer on a Wall

Beerhouse is essentially what its name suggests; a paradise of beer. And we love it! Not only are you able to choose from the 99 options displayed on the wall, you can also have it infused in basically everything you are eating. This includes the cheese! So if you are looking for a pub lunch with a serious twist, Beerhouse should really be your first call. Situated more or less at the top end of buzzy Long street, we made our stop on a Sunday afternoon to sit back and enjoy a few hours of absolute beer bliss.


Let’s chat about the venue itself. We absolutely loved the look and feel of the place. It seems almost gritty and raw, with exposed brick and yellow pipes peeking out from everywhere. It makes sure that no matter where you are in the restaurant, you are reminded that you are in “beer world” and it makes no apologies for the sheer raw feel of the space. You certainly don’t feel out of place chugging on a pint of beer and digging into an insanely hearty burger.

The display of beers is certainly one of the speaking points of the restaurant and it certainly is awe inspiring to see so many different brands and wonderfully unique beer names all in one place. The beers are changed quite frequently, and even though you can always expect to find the old familiar favourites, you will never get bored of the choices you are faced with.

And the music! Oh the music. In the space of two and a half hours, I saw three people come in to Shazam a song, it’s that good! You can expect some proper rock legends to pop up on the playlist. Everything from Hendrix, to Led Zeppelin, Offspring, Blink 182 and almost every rock god you can think of!


The food, as mentioned, is the perfect complement to the beer. The menu is the brainchild of Piet Marais, the winner of the Ultimate Braai Master, which is something no South African can sniff at. His vision of combining smoking, pickling, fermenting and beer is translated into an array of dishes that you can choose from. From the juicy, succulent ribs to the hearty burger or beerchos (nachos with a really interesting twist), your tastebuds will certainly be taken on a really interesting journey with the combination of the flavours.

We decided to try the traditional Beerhouse burger with pickles and beer infused cheese and a combination of starters. The burgers are exactly what you would want when you have a huge beer right next to you; huge, juicy and absolutely delicious. The beer cheese is certainly a unique flavour and pairs with the pickles perfectly. I tried the pork crackling, oversized onion rings and the barbeque bitterballen. I must say that these are possibly the most underrated item on the menu! They are a combination of smoked meat, beer cheese, mustard and covered in breadcrumbs and come with flavourful dipping sauces.


If you go to Beerhouse and not try out at least one unique beer while you are there, I feel like you are simply missing the point! Beer is celebrated in every form at the venue. If you are new to the beer game, or simply looking to venture out of your comfort zone, this is the place to try! The menus are extensive and informative and give you a visual breakdown of which beer to choose based on your tastebuds.

You can also go for the tasting flights trays which combine various different options for you to go through and decide which one suits your palate. The Explorer and the Drink Local both have six to choose from, while the Beer’o’Clock is a solid twelve beers to taste. So, make sure you come thirsty (and have a cab home). We tasted the Drifter Coconut Ale and the Woodstock Happy Pils. I simply loved the Stranded Coconut. The flavour was not overpowering but gave it a soft, delicate taste that I know I would go back for in a heartbeat.

Whatever your taste is, however, you will find it at Beerhouse. From ales, to lagers, blonds, pilsners, ciders and all the weird creations in between, you will be able to pick and choose and try something new every time you visit.

As we said, beer paradise right?

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TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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