Clink: Cape Town’s Latest Reason to Raise A Toast!

I must admit, I am not usually the kind of person to download every app that comes my way, but when I heard about this particular app, it was installed almost immediately.

The concept is simple: download the app, pay a subscription fee of R90 per month and get one free drink everyday at one of your favourite establishments. That means, you are actually paying R3 a day for a drink at some of the most exclusive venues in town. With everything seeming to go up this year, from petrol to food to even our VAT, we can really do with getting a free drink, can’t we?

We worked it out. Say you have three drinks a week. Should each drink be an average of R45, that means you would be paying R540 a month for drinks. If you are an absolute socialite (no judgment here!), and enjoy a beer or wine every day, your total will be around R1260. That’s a saving of R1170. No brainer really.

What’s not to love about this app? Not only are you saving every day, but you also get to check out some brand new places that you might have never heard about! What’s even better, should you share the app with your friends, and they sign up, you will not need to pay a subscription for the month. In fact, you can get up to three months free if you get enough people to sign up. And truthfully, how difficult will that be? Who can say no to a free drink with a friend?

If you want to try it out today, you will get the first seven days for free, so you can start figuring out how it works and start hugely benefitting from the savings! If it is love at first sight, you can either pay for the rest of the subscription or start getting your friends involved. In a totally non-pyramid scheme kind of way!

It is also really simple to use. When you are at the venue, you can let them know that you have the app, choose the venue on the app (it should pick up that you are close to the venue anyway), scroll to the drink you want and redeem! Easy enough right!

Once you have redeemed a drink at one venue for the day, you will have to wait until the next day to claim your next one. Sorry to put your free bar hopping dreams to a sudden end, but we also don’t want some serious liver disease to take over Cape Town.

Here is the (ever growing) list of establishments that you can use the app at:

  • Nomad Bistro

  • Van Hunks

  • Black Irish

  • Botany Gin & Bubbles

  • Copper Club Tygerwaterfront

  • Copper Club Newlands

  • Café Roux

  • Fat Cactus – Gardens, Woodstock and Mowbray

  • Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

  • Persies Tavern

  • President Hotel

  • Slug & Lettuce Long Street

  • The Mash Tun

  • The Village Bistro – Durbanville and Paarl

  • The Stud Burger & Saloon

  • Trenchtown

  • Therapy Restaurant

  • The Royal Oak

  • The Beach Tavern

  • The Dry Dock

  • Café Obrigado

  • Forex Bar

  • Inside on the Greens

  • La Bella Rosa

  • Casa Woodstock

  • Driftwood Café

  • EJ’s Strand

  • Lighthouse on Loxton

  • El Mariachi

  • Sangrita Arcade

  • Peacock Indian Fusion

  • Portuguese Taverna

  • Saul’s Grill

  • Remex Mexican

  • Bombshelter Brewery

Get downloading today. And… cheers!!

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