Coming Home to Ons Huisie

Let’s face it, Ons Huisie is an institution in Cape Town. So, when we was asked to pay a visit we jumped at the chance to make our way down to the beachside and get in a bit of the renowned restaurant. We were keen to see what all the fuss was all about, and as soon as we arrived, it all made sense. What a way to spend a lazy Sunday! Sun, sea, views, beach and of course, incredible food!

We ended up staying long over our lunch time, chatting to the awesome staff and squeezing in one more glass of wine to watch the sunset from the terrace. We simply couldn’t get enough of this amazing venue. It is really a home away from home. That is, if home came with spectacular sea views and a vast variety of delicious, specialty dishes!


The food can only be described as boere-kos with a twist! We had decided, based on our spectacular beach surroundings, to have a seafood day, and we couldn’t have chosen a better place. Ons Huise specializes in seafood, and even though they do cater for the die-hard meat eaters on the menu, we highly recommend testing out their fantastic seafood creations. The seafood is fresh, the fish has a just-off-the-boat taste and you can only expect the best ingredients!

We were started with some delicious home-made bread that was served with a delectable dipping sauce. We were told that the sauce is used for some of the seafood pasta dishes, and based on its rich smoked tomato taste, I will certainly be ordering that on my next visit! We were then moved on to the starters, and a platter of a variety of seafood was placed in front of us. If you are sharing a starter with a partner, or even the table, I do highly recommend The Small Bay Combo as a starter for a variety of tastes. Just a word of warning, the portion is huge (being a main) so if you are keeping space for the main, perhaps go for something lighter! The combo is made up of deep fried calamari, fish goujons and crumbed prawns together with a serving of chips. The fish was crunchy and tasty and the prawns were perfectly done. The calamari was tender and delicious, despite a somewhat oily batter, but I am very fussy when it comes to battered seafood.

The absolute highlight, however, was the two potjies that we simply HAD to try. If you are looking for a unique dish that echoes the passion in the restaurant, this is it! They are both hearty, tasty and uniquely inspired to set themselves apart from everything else on the menu. Both are served in potjie pots with a heap of rice as well as crisp crunchy poppadoms to go with the serving. The prawn and chicken potjie is served in a zesty, lemon chili sauce with whole litchies plopped in to add a surprising sweet twist to the dish. The calamari, prawn and line fish potjie comes with a decadent white, almost thai curry sauce. I am very sensitive to curry and spice and I found this to be flavoursome and wholesome. They are an absolute must-try.

I cannot give you forewarning enough! The potions are incredibly sizeable. You will need to come really hungry and make sure that you are in the mood for tasty, rich portions of hearty, well prepared dishes!


The restaurant is a traditional, old-school white fishing house perched at the end of a winding road. It looks out onto the bay in front of it and is treated to some of the most spectacular sunsets in the Western Cape. The building is, in fact, one of the oldest structures in the Blouberg area and you can almost feel the history in the walls as you take in your surroundings.

The interior is reminiscent of the building’s history, with basic, yet sufficient decor to inspire its past. I love how it has been kept rustic and simple with huge, heavy wooden tables,antique display cases and historical paintings placed meticulously on the walls. It infuses the beach-side feel with the Cape’s unique history, and I love how this is translated from the building itself, into the food and eventually on to create the full atmosphere of Ons Husie.


I cannot begin to describe how fantastic the staff were! We were looked after from the minute we walked in, to our parting goodbyes with the sun well set behind us. They were not only more than accommodating of our unfortunate tardiness, but of the fact that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sit outside in the sun and assisted us in various table changes.

I did also notice that the keen attention was shown to every other table that was seated, and I must say that I was warmed by the kind familiarity that the staff show their patrons. You really are made to feel like you are at home at the venue. Nothing is a problem, you are treated and well looked after and I cannot wait to go back to spend time with our new friends.

It really does make sense why it’s called Ons Husie. It really does feel like you are coming home to your house on the beach!

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TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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