Meet Vic Naidoo From 5FM!

Please give me a quick intro about yourself.. In your words.. How do you see yourself? lol...I overthink, I overshare and I am on this amazing journey of self discovery.

Constantly learning about myself and people. Can you ask me this question when I figured out who I am? What gets you up in the morning? Uhhmmmm my radio show, my bills and also my alarm clock.

But on a serious note...I just feel so blessed to have my family, my life and my friends and I want to celebrate that.

This would be the ideal thing to say. But mostly cos I like things, so I have to pay for those things and you kind of need a job for that. What is your take on the current music industry? The good, the bad, the great, the ugly? We have so much talent but it's so concentrated on a very few artists, and genres and people aren't aware of the many undiscovered genres of music.

Radio seems to be so commercial and that's why artist are relying on platforms like Youtube and other streaming platforms to showcase their talents.

I think when you create any body of's a personal experience and you should share that in the best way with world...but I feel most mainstream artist just churn out songs for the sake of it, and booking gigs.

Where is the love? to quote the Blackeyed peas. Where do you see the music industry in the next five years in SA and where would you LIKE it to be? I think we are already living in 3018 when it comes to music. It's wonderful that anyone can now make a song and make it available on a streaming site without needing the approval or "help" of radio.

It's wonderful!

What is the biggest goal you want to achieve in your lifetime? How do you want to leave your legacy? I want to just be happy and content, and I am starting to realize my happiness doesn't rely on the "next" thing. All I am, and all my happiness is here in this moment.

I just want to be mentally stable and at peace with myself and love who I see in the mirror. What has been the top experience in your career/life?

Life...traveling Europe solo. I made so many friends and got so many memories and experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Career..the unexpectedness of getting my own radio show - which was nothing I ever planned for.

I love the mystery of life. What is your favourite thing about Cape Town?

People here are so cosmopolitan and open minded mostly. It's like a place where the nomads and unicorns gather.

I also love the vibe. It's such a happy place and really feels world class. If you had to tell a tourist what to do in a day in Cape Town, what would it be? Do one of those bus tours to the wine farm. Explore the beaches far out...NOT CLIFTON. Eat a gatsby. Just walk around alot. End it off at a rooftop bar.

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TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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