The First Annual Mother City Comedy Festival is On!


The first annual Mother City Comedy Festival kicked off at the Baxter Theatre Centre on the 19 of March, running until March 30th. The festival is celebrating stand-up comedy and the artists who present these hilarious productions, showcasing the full spectrum of different comedic styles. The local stand-up comedy circuit has grown at a rapid rate, which has given rise to some hilarious household names, as well as stars of film and television.

A host of local stars are presenting their new work at the festival, along with one (or two) surprise international artists. Audiences have the chance to feast on ensemble shows, two-handers and solo offerings, ensured to cater for all comedy tastes.

With two shows daily, the Mother City Comedy Festival is getting audiences up close and personal with their favourite comedians while introducing them to some exciting emerging talents. Comedy-lovers are spoilt for choice during this inaugural festival of funniness, produced by ExploSIV, in collaboration with Taylor Made Productions.

We spoke with the co-producers of the Festival Siv Ngesi and Stuart Taylor and asked them a few questions about this exciting project:

We also spoke with Yaaseen Barnes, who did the first show of the festival and found out about the name of his show, his thoughts on the festival and his future plans. Here is what he had to say:

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