The Cannabis Expo Opens in Cape Town

Cape Town, The Cannabis Expo. is upon us. We caught up with the Director of the Expo Silas Howarth to find out more about the Expo. and what you can expect whether you are attending for the first time or have been to one before. Here is what Silas had to say:

What made you consider Cape Town as one of the host cities for this year’s Cannabis Expo.?

Cape Town is the perfect city to host The Cannabis Expo. With its fun-loving diverse cultures, and being a top international leisure and business destination, Cape Town can expect a packed and vibey expo hall at GrandWest for The Cannabis Expo. Tell us about the Entertainment Spaces at The Cannabis Expo 2019?

Apart from the many exhibitors showcasing products and services from across the cannabis industry, The Cannabis Expo is an entertaining day out with cannabis body art demonstrations, a dedicated Vape Lounge decked out by Complete Cannabis Solutions and a place to hang out and sample canna-cocktails, as well as a convention stage with entertaining and informative talks and workshops every half-hour throughout the expo.

What can a person attending the Expo for the first time expect from the experience?

Both a trade and consumer event, The Cannabis Expo is for any adult looking to find out more about the many benefits and capabilities of cannabis, and for people wanting to engage with local and international cannabis experts and cannabis entrepreneurs, and explore the various exciting business opportunities presented by the rapidly growing industry. There is a huge range of cannabis products available for sale at The Cannabis Expo, from cannabis-infused coffee, beers and energy drinks to edibles and oils, cannabis soaps and lip balms, even cannabis treats for dogs and cats! Then, of course, a huge selection of hemp clothing, textiles and products.

What do you think of the South African Parliament’s new approach towards the uses of Marijuana?

South Africa is definitely moving in the right direction with regard to legislation around cannabis. There are so many benefits to cannabis and benefits that a legal cannabis industry can bring to South Africa in terms of job creation and economic advantages. The Cannabis Expo is the perfect place for the public as well as the business community and government to engage with cannabis experts from South Africa and from around the world about this extremely versatile plant.

Where do you see the rapidly growing Marijuana Influenced Industries in South Africa?

The cannabis healthcare sector is exploding worldwide, with huge pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies investing billions in cannabis research and product development. Go Life International, proud partner of The Cannabis Expo, is investing heavily in cannabis opportunities in Southern Africa and marketing their products on a global scale. The agricultural opportunities offered around cannabis are also growing rapidly. But essentially the entire cannabis industry is expanding in South Africa much faster than people expected.

Give us a brief history of how the Cannabis Expo began?

Globally, for many years, there have been cannabis expos annually from the USA and Canada through to Europe and Australia. Finally The Cannabis Expo is in South Africa. Africa needed a meeting point for the cannabis industry, and The Cannabis Expo is the largest event of its kind on the continent.

All roads for Cannabis lovers and enthusiasts leads to the Grandwest from tomorrow (04 April), the Expo. runs until April 07. For more information and latest news visit

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