Jarrad Ricketts Aims For The Stars

Source: gallo.co.za

Jarrad Ricketts is a talented recording and performing artist from Cape Town who is taking the Pop Music scene by storm. His career started peaking in 2012 when he lead a six month solo show on Menorca Island, where he performed popular hits from Michael Buble’ and Robbie Williams at prestigious venues such as Copa Cabana, San Luis Hotel and Viva Menorca to mention but a few. He has performed at venues in the Mother City such as The Baxter Theatre, where he was part of a 5 man show called “Boy Band Mania”, where he performed popular music from Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and West Life.

Jarrad won "Best Rising Star of Music" at the recent Cape Town Experiences Awards 2019. Here is his excited and heartfelt reaction:

Check out some of his hot, fresh music here:

- Take Me To Your Heart (Official Music Video)

- Thinking Bout (Official Audio)

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