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Ever wondered what the famous Wizard of Oz tale would look like if it had a twist to it? Wonder no more as Feast of Flight brings to you Doris and The Wizard Of Oz, a pole dance production that follow our protagonist, Doug on life changing experience as he compete for the top spot in the Emerald City Drag Race.

A Feast Of Flight is an annual event produced by the Pole Project which was founded by Kathy Lee who left the corporate world to pursue her lifetime passion of pole dancing. In 2012 she relocated from London to Cape Town and that is when the dream began in earnest with the inception of the Pole Project. Kathy is a qualified instructor and her long term goal is to breathe life into the pole dance community in the Mother City. Miss Lee is fully acquainted with the world as she grew up in Singapore, lived in Lndon, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai and is now an official resident of Mzansi. Her many accolades include Winner Doubles Division, Miss Pole Dance SA 2013 - Runner-up Doubles Division, National Pole Sports Competition 2014 - Runner-up Pole Classique Division and Pole Theatre SA 2015.

From 26-27 July experience the magic of the Wizard of Oz in way you have never quite seen it before showcasing the artistic and athletic side of pole dance, because (as Kathy Lee says) not many people regard the art form as such. Catch Doris and The Wizard Of Oz at Joseph Stone auditorium, tickets for the event can be purchased here .

Image courtesy of Weekend Special

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