A New Mobile App For Hikers

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

A mobile application or simply, mobile app is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device. Apps have permeated themselves in every aspect of our lives and influence how we travel, where we eat, what we wear, how we socialise and most recently how we hike. A new hiking app developed by Forge New Frontiers a start-up company based right here in Cape Town, outlines the Cape's hiking routes and aims to make all 1,300km of the Cape Peninsula’s hiking trails a lot easier to navigate and to keep explorers safe.

The app known as Forge is designed by hikers, outlining the various routes in terms of difficulty, elevation, terrain type and accessibility. Co-creator Alex Weiss says the app, free for download on the Google Playstore, is aimed at changing the way people explore the breathtaking region. Over the years there has been safety concerns in regards to hikers, particularly those who take the route up Table Mountain with cases of hikers being robbed or even raped being reported in the last few years. Weiss said, “Reading paper maps isn’t everyone's forte, also, what we found is that there wasn’t a single portal where people could get accurate info about the trails. This information is accurate and thorough.”

Forge interface. Image courtesy of Cape Town ETC

One of the features of the app, is that it is designed with safety in mind, giving hikers access to less popular, but breathtaking routes.

Created by avid hikers themselves, the team behind Forge believe that this will really improve your experience.

Currently the app only offers hiking routes in Cape Town but Forge New Frontiers will be expanding routes in South Africa and possibly beyond.

Hiker on Table Mountain. Image courtesy of Hike Addicts

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