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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Image courtesy of AfroFest

The matter of preserving African culture is of utmost importance especially in this day and age that it seems to be diminishing. A few festivals serve this very purpose and one of them is The AfroFest.

The AfroFest is an African culture and heritage festival which celebrates the beauty and diversity of African music, art and culture. Taking place on 21-24 Septemeber 2019 across a diverse range of venues around Cape Town, it features a mix of local and international artists. The AfroFest is one of Cape Town's biggest and inventive festivals that aims to amalgamate African music, craft, art and food culture. The organizing team consists of a group of young individuals that come from various continents across the world including Africa, Europe, and Asia, who have dared to dream of the festival’s future to bring a multicultural gathering that is free and easily accessible across Cape Town.

The festival's dates are strategic as this will be a crucial public holiday weekend in South Africa namely Heritage Day. The festivals plays nothing less than a big role in bringing together artists and entrepreneurs on one platform. Events and activities that are set to light the festival ablaze include food and fashion markets, arts and crafts workshops, live concerts, DJs, Theatre, dance contests, poetry and other multiple activities that are primarily formulated to imbue a sense of "Africaness" in all those that attend.

Participating Venues include Nomad Bistro and Bar, Global Nomad Backpackers, Mali South, Jimmy Jimalo’s, Copa Cabana, Monomotapa all located in the CBD, Voom Voom Vintage, Obz Lifestyle Market, The Drawing Room, Made in Africa Label (Observatory), Malusi’s Tavern (Langa), KASI-RC, The Fugly Art Gallery (Khayelitsha). Artsists you can expect to witness on these stages include Eric Omba, Sylvestre Kabassidi, Vinyl DJ Ra Mava, Magent, Selective Hearing, DJ Spider, Sibondha Wood, Gerald Paidomoyo, Naledi, and Letsopa La Ruca. Visit their site and like their page on Facebook for more information.

From what we know so far, this is a festival you can't afford to miss!

Image courtesy of AfroFest

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