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Believe it or not, there was a time before Instagram. In fact, there was a time when the internet didn’t exist at all, meaning posts like the one you’re reading right now would’ve never been written. We know: shocking. It’s hard to imagine, but we remember the days when you had to read a magazine to get celebrity news. Made out of paper. That you bought from the store.

Picture courtesy of Justin Bieber News

Whether it’s via Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or the now-defunct Vine and MySpace, people have found all sorts of ways to become famous. From Justin Bieber to Kate Upton and Capetonian Arshur Petersen and his mother are no exception. Remember the sountrack to the Disney film, Aladdin, “A Whole New World”? Petersen and his mom posted a beautiful video on YouTube that would put Lea Salonga and Brad Kane to shame.

Arshur Petersen. Picture courtesy of YouTube

In just over a day the video scooped up 15 000 views and with such publicity he might not need a genie to ensure his success as a musical artiste. Petersen is the son of global musical South African icon, director and composer, Taliep Petersen.

Arshur started singing at a very young age, his first performance was at a junior school carnival and he sang The Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston. Petersen’s vision is to uphold and better his father’s legacy. Check out the video below.

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