Cape Town Water Crisis Over, For Now!

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According to the City of Cape Town, from Monday 19 August dams that supply the city with water are seating at 81.7% full capacity. Dams in the Western Cape collectively broke through the 65% average level. Before the announcement dams were recently reported to be 80.6% full. Collective water consumption had decreased by 105 million litres from 608 to 503 million litres per day.

At this time last year, the level was 53%. It looks like the worse is over, Cape Town. You are still encouraged to practice responsible water usage and consumption. For the greater good of all Cape Townians, we would like to push back “Day Zero” as furthest as possible. We have nothing to worry about as far as water shortage is concerned, for now.

For more details and water updates visit the City of Cape Town's official website.

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