Drink Liquor Without Getting Drunk

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Lots of people are cutting their alcohol consumption, for dry January, sober October or simply by becoming “sober curious” (those questioning their relationship with alcohol) as South Africa attempts to move away from a booze based social culture and less road accidents.

And with that change, more and more beverage companies are rising to the challenge of creating alcohol-free whiskies, gins, beers and even rum that tastes authentic and well....alcoholic-like. Arkay Beverages is no exception. I never believed in the concept of alcohol-free liquor until I had access to their products. Arkay is the manufacturer of a variety of non alcoholic liquor including rum, gin and whiskey.

Upon tasting their whiskey I discovered it's as good as actual whiskey minus the side effects. It creates the illusion of alcohol consumption without the dangers that come with reckless drinking. It is perfect for anyone who is trying to achieve sobriety, just trying to have a clean night of fun or the designated driver.

Get to know more about Arkay beverages here.

Image courtesy of Arkay Beverages

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