Emma-Jean Wins Big On Cape Town Unwired

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Emma-Jean is a young indie folk singer-songwriter from the ‘Deep South’ – as she often likes to tell her audience when introducing a song, specifically about this area. She is only 20 years old.

Emma has been fascinated with the guitar since she was 11 year old. From the day she picked up the instrument she has not put it down and has fallen more and more in love with it as the years went by. Her love for songwriting could possibly be due to her interest in perspective, emotion and expression. It's no surprise she is also studying psychology.

She was part of the top ten in the Barleycorn’s Annual Songwriters’ Competition in 2015, later coming third in 2016 – which was the same year she won Hectic Nine 9’s ‘Shine Nine 9’  competition, that aired on SABC2. This year Emma-Jean was part of the top ten finalists for the Barleycorn Songwriters Competition for a 3rd time respectively.

Her angelic voice and powerful stage presence, among other elements of her performance earned her the top spot on this year's Cape Town Unwired's Solo Artists category - which was took place at Nomad Bistro & Bar.

The Future looks bright for this rising star and she is definitely to look out for as she progresses with her musical career.

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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