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Eskom: No Load Shedding Expected This Week

image source: all4women.co.za

Eskom has confirmed that the probability of load shedding is low for the rest of this week despite the system remaining constrained and vulnerable. The power utility also warned that it would need to loadshed at short notice if there is a significant shift in the system.

"Any unexpected shift, such as additional unplanned breakdowns or the unavailability of diesel for open cycle gas turbines or low water levels at the pumped storage schemes, could result in load shedding at short notice," said Eskom in a statement.

Eskom is urging customers to use electricity very sparingly by setting air-conditioners’ average temperature at 23ºC, switching off geysers over peak periods, use the cold water tap rather than using the geyser every time and turning off computers and fax machines at the switch. Eskom advises customers to avoid standby or sleep mode on home devices.

The Emergency Response Command Centre (ERCC) continues to closely monitor the system. Let's continue using electricity wisely, hopefully there will be less and less load shedding for Cape Town this summer season.

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