Experience The Soulful Didi and Jules

Imagine a professional theatre-trained singer-actor and an extremely talented classically-trained violinist. These are the two elements and individuals that create the duo Didi and Jules. Just last year Didi and Jules completed their first EP called Sound Journey. Their ambition is to tour abroad and share their music with the world. At the moment they are currently preparing for their compilation/rendition album, which promises to be nothing short of magnificent.

Didi and Jules create a contemporary sound through their performances which is inspired and influence by various music genres and eras ranging from classic rock, reggae, gipsy electronic sounds, a sound inspired by Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, Lucia Micarelli, Freddie Mercury, Otis Redding, Keane and Vanessa May. They opened the Music Exchange 2019 just this past weekend and they had experienced record company executives amazed and blown away by their breath-taking performance.

Keep up with Didi and Jules on their Facebook page. We don't doubt that they have a bright future ahead and their music really speaks for itself.

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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