Hard to believe that a year has already raced by since FOXCROFT announced their presence on the local restaurant scene. Under the astute guidance of La Colombe’s ex-pastry chef, Glen Williams, the picturesque venue was immediately acclaimed as the 2016 Eat Out / Retail Capital New Restaurant of the Year Award.

Not one for resting on their laurels, the bustling team at FOXCROFT has pushed their experience each day developing new dishes, new tastes and are putting less emphasis on sharing style plates.

“The shared, tapas style menu and dishes was well received, however we noticed that most of our customers preferred not to share the tapas. Accordingly, FOXCROFT has evolved to be more of a Neo-Bistro than a tapas restaurant, where we have the freedom in the kitchen to serve accessible and creative dishes, using the best produce available,” says Williams.

Each dish is an individual piece of mastery on a plate with careful attention placed to balance of flavour and ratio of ingredients with the minimal amount of manipulation. Presentation is uncluttered, incorporating seasonal ingredients with 3-4 accompanying flavours that harmoniously uplift the hero element on the plate. Texture is also a critical element which is subtly incorporated to complement the overall experience and to keep the dining experience interesting and exciting.

“Our chicken Liver Parfait for example, includes rhubarb, treated as a pickle and a gastrique and mushrooms prepared 4 different ways. The simple pleasure of a liver parfait is not ignored, with a slice of toasted brioche served alongside to indulge properly,” comments Glen.

Teamwork is everything in the kitchen and there is a focus to rotate the staff between the various sections on a 3-monthly basis in order for them to broaden their skills and continually gain new expertise. Importantly, this also develops a critical appreciation of the value of the produce that is delivered daily and how to fully utilise each element, forgotten skills like fermentation, whole animal butchery and producing their own FOXCROFT Charcuterie. The floor service staff form a critical part of this harmonious team and are given frequent menu tests and tastings in order to familiarise themselves with each dish including the preparation and basic cooking process, which is enthusiastically communicated to the guests. The front of house team also go on regular day trips to wine estates and distilleries in the Cape in order to broaden their knowledge on the beverage side.

A final word from the chef…“Our overall experience is positioned to be relaxed, enjoyable and exciting and my wish is to have each guest leave satisfied, but wishing they had just had one more bite!” comments Williams.

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TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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