Go On An Adventure With iVenture

Are you a budding tourist always looking for new places to visit and wish you had all the experiences loaded in a single place and be cost effective at the same time? If you are looking for that then what you need is an iVenture Card. It's a package that amalgamates the best of Cape Town's tourist attractions in a single card that is easy to use and also easy to acquire.

The iVenture Card has over 80 attractions to choose from and is the single most unique way to experience Cape Town tourism. The card comes with everything a tourist may require from cultural experiences, entertainment, sightseeing and day tours, transport, thrill, adventure and many more.

The ultimate benefit to possessing an iVenture Card is the amount of money you will save while indulging in your tourist foray. Every package offers free admission to a wide selection of attractions and experiences and of course the convenience of having it combined on one prepaid smartcard that comes with a guide for easy and quick reference.

iVenture also offers a package for the little as well, if your child is between 4 and 17 they have range of exciting attractions just for them. Tourism just became really convinient with iVenture, check out everything they have to offer on their website.

Image courtesy of iVenture Card

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