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#KeepingUpWith: BrotherBrother

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Music has always been the tie that bound the two brothers Theunis (guitar, vocals and bass) and Roelof (vocals and guitar) van der Merwe. After the addition of Paul Avenant (percussion and Cajon), a friend turned brother, the band started to carve a big name for themselves in the South African Music Industry. Influenced by bands like The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons and the vocal and musical mastery of Bon Iver, BrotherBrother from Cape Town, brings their own South African flavor to the mix, and their unique two-part and even three-part harmonies set them apart from most bands.

The very busy band took some time to chat with us about their journey and where they are going with their music next. Here is what unfolded:

Tell us your favorite Tequila story.

Any night that involves Tequila usually has many stories, but for some reason, we can’t remember them…

What’s your take on the current state of Cape Town’s live music scene?

There are some world-class acts making waves in the Cape Town music scene and to us live music in Cape Town is definitely making a comeback.

Congratulations on making the line-up for the International Tequila Festival 2019. What can we expect from your set?

Great acoustic folk music with a bang!

What’s your favorite summer activity/experience in Cape Town?


Which is your favorite Tequila that you recommend to your friends and why?

Leonista, because it’s amazing and added bonus, it's from the Karoo.

You can catch BrotherBrother live at the International Tequila Festival 2019 in Greenpoint's Hamilton Rugby Stadium between 1 November and November 03. All details are on www.internationaltequilaco.com

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