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#KeepingUpWith: Raven Ray

Raven is a powerful symbol in many cultures (symbols of transformation, power, rebirth, etc.), she decided that this is what she wants her music to stand for. She was given the name when she studied film at AFDA by a close friend because of her black hair that resembles that of a ravens feathers.

Raven has always been passionate about music. She has grade 5 music theory from Trinity College and UNISA, she studied classical singing through UNISA and Trinity, and attended the school of Rock to extend her range and also took jazz training briefly and during this time she was writing her own music that she has now produced and is ready to release.

We caught up with the songstress to find out more about her thought on the Cape Town music scene, here is what we discussed:

1. Tell us your favorite Tequila story.

I have quite a few memories involving tequila; some of them involving me and some

of them I was the catalyst of (taking family on their 18th birthday experiences and

literally carrying them home, to experiencing 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila – nowhere

to be found to bonding over the most expensive types of tequila bought by a

producer on a wrap party). However, my favorite Tequila story was that of my 21st

birthday party. In our friend group we have a tradition called a ‘Bly Stil’ it is a king cup

filled with all the remaining contents of each friend's drinks into one cup. The aim is to

finish this concoction before the group finishes singing happy birthday. Most of the

concoction on my birthday was tequila. After that, you can clearly see the transition of

‘respectable Raven’ to ‘raucous Raven’ in the pictures, after that ‘Bly Stil’ most of my

birthday is a blur, but the pictures showed I had a blast!

2. What’s your take on the current state of Cape Town’s live music scene?

I have met some incredible musicians whilst being a part of the music scene as

Raven Ray and as a part of the bands I used to sing for. I feel that Cape Town is

bursting with musical talent in every genre. However, I do wish that these local

artists had more backing from the public. Many don’t realise that even the smallest

support, such as watching a live gig at your local watering hole, means a great deal

and helps artists to work on their craft, express themselves or over-come those

bursts of stage fright. The public support could be the difference between pursuing a

career or simply giving up.

3. Congratulations on making the line-up for the International Tequila Festival

2019. What can we expect from your set?

I am fortunate enough to have a 7 piece band (including violin, keys, acoustic, bass

& electric guitar, drums, and backing vocals) to accompany me at the tequila

festival this year. We will be rocking some covers as well as emulating some originals

from my EP which was released earlier this year. I am also a fan of collaboration and

the merging of different art forms, that is why I also have two talented dancers from

Enerchi Dance performing a number to one of the songs.

It may be a Sunday but we are going to ensure you rock out before Monday!

4. What’s your favorite summer activity/experience in Cape Town?

I love the outdoors, and especially the sea/beach. I am a commercial diver and I love

to go diving around Cape Town. We have some beautiful wrecks and dive sports

around the coast! And after a dive a treat at some of our amazing beachfront


5. Which is your favorite Tequila that you recommend to your friends and why?

Kah Tequila – Reposado! It’s the one that comes in the skull bottle! Not only is it a cool

bottle, very day of the dead vibe but the tequila is very smooth and almost sweet. Not the kind of Tequila you need salt and lemon for!

Facebook Page: https://web.facebook.com/raven.ray.music/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raven.ray.music/

You do not want to miss out on Raven Ray's performance at the International Tequila Festival '19 at the Hamilton's Rugby Stadium in Greenpoint, Cape Town.

Book your tickets on www.internationaltequilaco.com/tickets

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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