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#KeepingUpWith: The Vanilla Colts

The Vanilla Colts, based in Stellenbosch is a young, fresh band whose original music draws from multiple genres and influences, including indie, rock and blues. Matthew Hill (drums and vocals), Andrew Hill (lead and bass guitar), Van Wyk Venter (bass guitar and vocals) and Phillip Jordaan (trumpet, guitar and vocals) have been jamming together since 2018. They finally decided to make it official in 2019 when they founded The Vanilla Colts.

We sat down with the young musicians to find out more about their style of music and future plans. This is how it went:

Tell us your favorite Tequila story.

We have a tradition in The Vanilla Colts of always having a tequila shot after our

performances to celebrate.

What’s your take on the current state of Cape Town’s live music scene?

Cape Town is spoiled with incredible talent in such diverse styles of music. You can

walk to one venue and listen to head-banging heavy metal and just down the road

you can be treated to internationally acclaimed jazz musicians. One aspect of the

Cape Town music scene that could use a bit of work is including more local bands

and musicians at other big festivals, instead of using mostly international acts.

Support your local talent just like The International Tequila Festival!

Congratulations on making the line-up for the International Tequila Festival 2019.

What can we expect from your set?

It is such an honor to play at the International Tequila Festival. You can expect

some quality entertainment from skillful musicians in diverse styles of music. Our set

includes original music that will make you move and sing along even though it’s your

first time hearing it!

What’s your favorite summer activity/experience in Cape Town?

Watching our local talent at the various locations in Cape Town and enjoying some

quality alcohol at our favorite venues.

Which is your favorite Tequila that you recommend to your friends and why?

Don Julio if you have a rich ‘sugar daddy’.

Be sure not to miss out on The Vanilla Colts' performance at the International Tequila Festival '19 in Cape Town's Hamilton Rugby Stadium, Greenpoint. Happening from the Friday, November 01 until Sunday, November 03.

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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