Ola Amigos! Cape Town hosts the International TEQUILA Festival

A festival is a major event meant to bring together a community, a city or even a country in an atmosphere of celebration. Festivals have been around as far back as ancient Greece with one of the earliest being known as Saturnalia which was celebrated in honour of the god Saturn.

Well not too many festivals to celebrate gods may still exist but there are still festivals that exist to celebrate other things like tequila! For the first time ever Cape Towns brings you the International Festival. Mexico is coming to South Africa faster than Speedy Gonzalez can say, "Amigo." The event also known as the "Tequila, Mezcal, Mexican Fiesta" is coming your way from 2 - 3 November 2019.

Salt and Lime Tequila shot. Image courtesy of The Spruce Eats

The festival will feature over thirty brand activations from brands in and around the Mother City. The organisers are making sure they go the whole nine yards in making sure you are entertained with 12 of the country's premium musical bands and DJs' set light up the stage. The bands and DJs' will be announced in the incoming months. You can also expect food trucks, cocktail bars and Tequila experts who will be teaching masterclasses.

Tequila was first produced in the 16th century near the location of the city of Tequila, Mexico which was not officially established until 1666. fermented beverage from the agave plant known as pulque was consumed in pre-Colombian central Mexico before European contact and in November all roads lead to Cape Town as South Africans are presented with the opportunity to celebrate while learning more about one of the world's greatest and oldest beverages. Follow the facebook event page for details.

Image courtesy of NOMAD Bistro & Bar

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