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Popular Cape Town Comedian In Nudes Soliciting Mess

Updated: Jan 20

image source: whacked.co.za

This morning, screenshots of a conversation between an unknown woman and popular Cape Town comedian, Yaaseen Barnes were published by Nick Frost (@0000frost) on the popular social networking site Twitter detailing an exchange between the unidentified woman and the popular funny man. As it appears, the married, national award-winning comedian was asking and begging for the woman's naked photos.

We spoke with Nick to find out more about the story and here is what we discovered:

1. Do you know Yaaseen or the woman in the DM chat in any way?

I've hung out with Yaaseen on a number of occasions, mostly before or after comedy gigs as I was a huge fan of the Cape Town comedy scene (when I still stayed in Cape Town) and thus we came into contact quite frequently. I wouldn't say we were close, but we had a friendly comradery and shared interests, like bad puns lol. I know the woman in the chat yes, she's one of my best friends, we are very close, and the fact that she has been keeping this a secret for so long breaks my heart -- because she (and others) felt as though they couldn't come forward with this because of Yaaseen's elevated status and fanbase. Frankly, they were scared of him and that people wouldn't believe them. I'm proud of her and the others for coming forward, and I'm dedicated to supporting them in any way I can - hence today's tea spillage. 

2. How did you get hold of the conversation screenshot?

My friend, who would prefer to use a pseudonym sent them to me recently. I've been sitting on them for a while but when I heard the same happened to others, I messaged her to ask her permission to post them. She granted that permission and here we are.

3. What's your opinion on his actions?

My opinion is that the things he's said to various women friends of mine are unacceptable, not least from a "happily married" man? I've misbehaved in the past for sure, I too am trash and have behaved in a trashy manner in the past -- but never ONCE have I coerced girls into sending me nudes, especially not multiple girls at once and especially not while married. Long story short: it's disgusting behavior and deserves to be called out. It's behavior like this passed off as "boys will be boys" that normalizes rape culture amongst men and systemically leads to women being raped and murdered in post offices i.e. Uyinene.

We are following this story closely and we will update you with new development as we discover and receive them.

You can view the thread of the DMs leak on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/0000frost/status/1176780783543099392

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