Reach Your Potential With Magical Herbalism

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Join Carly Esterhuizen for a half day workshop in Muizenberg. This is a workshop primarily targeted at women.

Learn about the benefits of making your own herbal medicines and creations in this four hour workshop that will dive deeper into folk medicine. This is set up to be a fun, informative and hands-on workshop taught by Yoga teacher and herbalist Carly Esterhuizen. Carly believes her purpose is to empower women both spiritually and physically with the assistance of herbal medicine. The workshop will be held in Muizenberg on the 6th of July. Miss Esterhuizen will be imparting her knowledge in what will most likely be a very informative and educational workshop.

Carly states that her workshops are meant to aid women to uncover the "wild woman" within. She believes women should not be held back by society's expectations of them and she achieves this with activities like natural fabric dyeing, pottery and basket making. Our mental psyche is crammed by societal pressures which hinder us from discovering the true inner self and maximizing our potential. Her self-development exercises and workshops, along with meditation, yoga and other mindful practices are intended to ‘re-wild’ our minds. “Through the use of re-wilding and traditional life skills and supportive women's circles, we aim to nourish from the inside out,” Carly says.

If you attend the workshop you can expect the following:

* Learn the basics of wild harvesting, identification and medicinal properties of each plant * Make a smoke wand * Learn how to make a tincture with wild plants and garden herbs * Make a few delicious medicinal tisanes to drink during the class. * Everyone goes home with a tincture, a smudge stick and an infusion. * Gain a better understanding of the medicinal properties of local flora. * Enjoy some light snacks made from nutrient dense wild foraged foods after the workshop.

This is what you are expected to bring with you:

* A small (100-200 ml) glass jar with lid. * A mug for your tea (trying to keep it waste free as possible). * Good vibes and a curious mind. * Note pad and pen- optional (all info will be emailed to you afterwards). * All other materials needed will be provided.

So ladies, if you have the time, make way your way to Muizenberg and let Carly help you release that "wild inner woman"!

Carly Esterhuizen, Image courtesy of Yoga South Africa

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