Stranger Things Is Back A Third Time Around

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Stranger Things Season 3 will arrive in 2019, with production now finished for the third outing. Just before the clock struck midnight on the last night of 2018, Netflix sent fans into the new year with the exciting news that Stranger Things 3 will finally return on July 4, 2019. 

Netflix have now confirmed the date. Just after midnight on January 1, the streaming service unveiled a brand new poster announcing the premiere date. The poster itself sees Eleven and Mike holding hands while the entire gang watch a 4th of July fireworks display. Eleven and Will are the only ones looking back, while Dustin, Lucas and Max seem to be looking up at fireworks. You can see the poster below.

Image courtesy of Teen Vogue

In Stranger Things 3, we find the crew in 1985 Hawkins, Indiana, and summer’s heating up. School’s out, there’s a brand new mall in town, and the friends are on the point of adulthood. Romance blossoms and complicates the group’s dynamic relationship, and they have to work out how to handle growing up while also staying friends.

Meanwhile, danger looms. When the town is threatened by enemies old and new, Eleven and her friends are reminded that evil never ends – it just evolves. Once again, they’ll have to band together to survive, and remember that friendship is always stronger than fear.

An additional detail about the plot, according to the show’s co-creator and co-showrunner Matt Duffer is that the action will take place in the summer before the kids enter high school, and that the new season will focus primarily on change. So Cape Town Experiences hopes you are ready for Things to get Stranger in the mean time enjoy the final trailer for the new season below:

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