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The first thing you’ll notice while strolling the Central Building District of Cape Town is the wide array of restaurants along every street. These restaurants offer all types of foods to satisfy your taste buds, from European to Mediterranean dishes from KFC to MacDonald's there's something to meet everyone’s budget.

However this article is about African foods. And what better food to start with than….


Picture courtesy of WIcked Food - Cooking School

When I first moved to Cape Town, this is probably one of the first African foods I was introduced to. Atchar is originally an Indian food and the word “achar” means pickle in Hindi. Atchar is made of unripe green mangoes and chillies. This mixture is then refrigerated for about 12 days, after which you’ll have a great tasting delicacy.


Picture courtesy of Serious Eats

Recently I had the pleasure of running into a tiny little eating spot along that sells Mogodu (which I hadn’t eaten in a very long time) also known as Matumbu or tripe. Tripe is essentially cow's intestines or rather the stomach lining. The organs are washed out thoroughly and left out to dry and after that they are cooked for hours. Once the tripe is cooked properly, you have a mouth watering dish that will not only taste great but your stomach will be full for hours as well just like it filled the cow’s stomach once upon a time.


Picture courtesy of What's For Dinner

Just like many African foods, this dish consists of a variety of ingredients but it’s main components are samp and beans. The name of the dish is Xhosa for samp and beans. It can be served with butter or fat. A fun fact about Umngqusho is that it was actually Nelson Mandela's favorite dish.

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