The New Giant Mural You Have To See In Cape Town

Take one look at the work of Kyle Holbrook and you will see the essence of what art is: the ability to catch someone's attention at a moment's notice.

Holbrook is widely travelled and has left art on many walls across the world. His career began on the buildings of the communities of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, commercial buildings in the Pittsburgh area, and the Port Authority. One of his first commissions as a muralist was 65-foot mural in the area of the Monroeville Mall.

Kyle Holbrook. Picture courtesy of Celebrity Pictures Wiki

His latest work is on a building in Woodstock, Cape Town. The mural is based on photos taken by photographer, Tessa Gordon. Tessa and Holbrook were brought together when Tessa saw a mural by Holbrook in Miami and was considered to be the largest mural in the city at the time. It was basically art at first sight and the two have been collaborating ever since. In 2005 Holbrook also collaborated with artistes Chris Savido and George Gist on the Martin Luther King mural with artists Chris Savido and George Gist.

You can check out his latest work in the video below or alternatively you can go to Woodstock and see it live.

Video courtesy of News24 and YouTube.

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