The Prison You Want To Get Locked Up In

Upon entering Prison House of Rebels, one can't help sense the spirit of artistic rebelliousness that hovers in the air...and I mean that in a good way. Prison House of Rebels is an upmarket entertainment space located in Somerset, Greenpoint.

With chains, handcuffs and cages atop the stage, the venue certainly lives up to it's name. The theme is carried through the entire venue with dashes of luxury chic filtered in to give the venue a gorgeously balanced feel. With such a name and theme, it is enough to lure any would be joy seekers.

The venue offers a wide variety of entertainment including but not limited to Live Bands and musical acts, mainly focusing on local acts, karaoke nights and live on screen sports entertainment. Just when you thought that was all they also offers amazing specials like Tequila Tuesdays when Tequila is sold for just R10 till 12am. In addition, the rooftop opens up plenty more opportunity for fun as it gives you a majestic view of the city only comparable to the one you get when you're on top of Signal Hill. They have the friendliest staff I have encountered at any bar/restaurant so much so that no matter how stingy you are you'll still tip them.

As an alternative bar their brand mandate is to "create an all inclusive experience that connects people to their individuality & promotes inspiration and self confidence" aiming to build a culture and community of idealists that rock to the same beat & share the same soul purpose of standing on the edge & breaking normal apart.

Prison has become and is growing into Green Point’s top event spots and if you don't believe us you can go check it out for yourself at 8 Somerset Road, Greenpoint

Cape Town.

All photos courtesy of Prison House of Rebel Facebook

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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