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The Ultimate Hangover Solution

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With so many great tequilas to choose from at the International Tequila festival '19, you might need to visit for all 3 days. And so The Anti Hangover from GoPack will be available at the bars to ensure you have a great night, but also a good morning. Oh, and it tastes like pancakes.

The Anti Hangover natural hangover remedy is for good times, for those nights when sips become shots, and shots become karaoke, for tequila fests, for winning the world cup, or for losing it, for having that Anejo, and then a reposado the day after.

The Anti Hangover remedy is made with all-natural ingredients, so you can bounce back from the effects of alcohol, and you can finally forget what “the day after” means. It works by keeping your cells hydrated and keeping your liver working. It does not make you sober though, so texts to your ex are on you.

While most other hangover remedies expect you to make good decisions, like taking them before you drink too much with 6 litres of water, The Anti Hangover can be used before, during or after having a drink, but is most effective if taken while drinking.

For more details go to www.gopack.co.za

TEL 062 649 4439

ADDRESS Cape Town, South Africa

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